Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Selecting an Institution Or Organization For Summer Training, Project Training

If you are an engineering student or pursuing graduate/post-graduate level IT degree then you may have already heard the term 'Summer Training'. Summer training for IT/engineering students is crucial because it is the best way to acquire as much know how about their field. As an IT/engineering student, training could help you to learn how to implement the concepts you learned at your classes. After learning concepts in classes we feel like 'we now know everything and now can develop any type of program based on those concepts' but the fact is that 'learning a concept' and 'implementing that concept' both are different things. It is true that without learning a concept you can't implement it, but just learning a concept doesn't mean that you can correctly implement it.

So what actually is the training? The meaning of Training is 'to learn a skill'. Training is the act of improving the knowledge and skill of a person for doing a specific job. Training enable us to obtain latest skills, know how, thus increase versatility for qualification for a bright carrier. It provides better remuneration, security and safety. It also enable us to drive better satisfaction and utilize the full skills and capacity. Proper training teaches us the proper way of doing things and changes the wrong attitude and also tells the safe points.
It is now clear that training is important but there is another important factor - 'The institution/organization/company' where you are going for training. It is not necessary to do training in billion Dollar multinational company. It could be a well organized small company working with latest technologies.

 Below are the few things that a trainee should look before joining any company/institution/organization for training
1. The institute should be easy to reach/access with good conveyance facility.
2. The institute should be updated with latest technologies.
3. The faculty of institute should be professional and have expertise in their field.
4. Institute should have good and fast working PCs so you can run latest software and also avoid waste of time.
5. How good it their lab - it will be your primary work place.
6. If you can try to get information on any of their project that is being used by clients in market and is live.
7. Compare quality of their software with any international software and see if it is conforming international standards.
8. The certificate of institute should be applicable at major organizations.
Above are the few things that you should look in any institution/company before going there for training, and you must do it, after all you are you are giving your future into their hands and those hands must be professional and technically sound enough with latest know how.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ethical Hacking - Excellent Career Opportunity

What Is Ethical Hacking?

Also known as Intrusion Testing or Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking is a computer and network based expertise to detect loopholes in an IT system and fix them accordingly. The ethical hackers are well versed in computer and networking algorithms. Such experts intrude into security system on behalf of their owners to ensure that the system is not vulnerable to malicious hackers.

Ethical hackers are employed to enhance safety potentiality of a computer system to specifically prevent external threats from attacking it. With internet consumption skyrocketing worldwide, ethical hackers have become integral workforce of any IT security industry today.

Industry Status
In the United State alone, the ethical hacking was expected to be a US $3.8 billion industry. It was also estimated that around 77,000 ethical hackers will be required in every year in India. Sadly, the country produces just 15000 such hackers in a year currently.

No doubt, ethical hacking is mounting at a very significant pace worldwide. It therefore offers a wide spectrum of lucrative job opportunities for those who want to make career in it.

Skill Sets Required
First of all, the aspirant should have good grasp of writing programming languages such as C+, C++, Perl, Python and Ruby. An experience with Web Applications, PHP, and Microsoft.NET will be very useful for the aspirants.
If you are well versed in Assembly Language, you can become a part of a team working as Disassembled Binaries Analyst.
Knowledge of Operating Systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux etc.) and Network Devices (switches, routers, firewall etc.) are also very useful in this respect.
A basic familiarity with TCP/IP protocols such as SMTP, ICMP and HTTP is also vital.
The aspirants should have good soft skills including adaptability and resourcefulness to troubleshoot any unforeseeable snags during testing software and systems.

An ethical hacker with no prior working experience in this field can work as an intern for months with annual package of Rs 2.5 lakhs in India. Thus the rate of growth in remuneration increases as per the work experience increases.
A professional with more than 5 years experience can work in an information security industry on handsome annual package of Rs 12 lakhs.

In conclusion, ethnic hacking can be one of the lucrative career options for the aspirants. With mounting popularity worldwide, the aspirant can work in reputed IT Company in any part of the world. The scope of ethnic hacking is very large and wide today.

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Get professional level development training Jaipur

Are you searching for a PHP development training Jaipur based training centers that give you the exposure of the live projects and 100 percent job guarantee then contact us now for a secured career?

Today the world is full of technology, every month or week there is a new advancement in the technology is discovered. To be updated and to survive in this competitive market of IT, you should have an idea or knowledge about all the latest developed technologies that are prevailing in the market.

A server scripting language that is mainly designed for the Web-development is known as PHP. The PHP stands for PHP: Hyper Text Pre-processor and can be embedded with HTML which is a mark-up language. PHP is technology which is an open sourced one and can be used by the soft ware like Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress which lets you to make your web pages dynamic. PHP is easy to learn and understand as its code is very light and developing is also cost effective. It is open source technology which is used for the command line argument and in the graphical user interface applications. This language is gaining popularity day by day as its ability to deploy on both windows servers and on UNIX platform. PHP also has ability to interface with many databases like Oracle, My SQL, IBM DB2 and many more, but PHP is mostly used with My SQL which is easy to use and also an open source technology.

If you are looking for the training institute that can provide an exposure of IT industry and offer you the PHP development training Jaipur then Linux World is the place you are looking for. The Research and Development Center is also owned by the Linux World which is its unique feature which is very useful for the students also. In addition, the Linux OS Research and Development Centre also add a unique feature of this training centre and in India it comes in one of the few centers which own this type of centre.

In this scenario of rescission every candidate needs a good job to get the stability and to earn his own dignity, but if we talk about market it is not easy to grab a good job. So, if you want to get a good job and PHP development training Jaipur based training centers with better knowledge of a subject than come and join Linux World India, which is the best training institute in Jaipur provides you 100% job oriented training Jaipur.

The capsule program facility of the Linux World which is especially developed for the trainees and to assure their 100% job oriented training Jaipur based programs. This will also provide you the information that would need in the future about the Information Technology.

Also know Summer Training for B.Tech Students in Jaipur

The Linux world is the institute that has best certified trainers and professional developers who are always ready to provide assistance to the entire student regarding their queries related to these training subjects. You will appreciate your decision of choosing the Linux world as it is the best training institute with a better environment and the great exposure opportunities.

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Monday, 12 May 2014

RedHat Certification and Cisco Certification Can Put Your Career Prospects On A Pedestal

One should aptly reckon that gathering significant know how and acquaintance about a specific subject may well go down the drain without apt guidance. One word of advice which every veteran faculty will proffer its students is to chip in for CCIE training, RedHat certification, Cisco certification.

The sheer benefits that come with such certifications will bring you to your wit's end as earning one certification will elevate the career prospects of an intellectual to sky high heights. The mere representation of a RedHat certification or Cisco certification on a student's resume will escalate his/ her chances at bagging a top notch and high paying job.
 To more 45 Days Summer Training in Jaipur

Some of the imperative analysis that should be done foremost to chipping in for such certification is the level one wants to get on to after acquiring the certification, the amount of wealth one wants to earn or the approximate pay check one wants every month, and the amount of experience and success needed to avoid complacency. Considering these factors will definitely help an intellectual make up his/ her mind as to which certification he/ she want to chip in for.

In such milieu, chipping in for CCIE training is the best feasible solution on hand. The vastness of the practicability of Summer Training in Jaipur is much more than what many a students deem. Laying your hands on such certifications will proficiently make you stand out from the crowd. When it comes to RedHat certification: - there are essentially three distinctive levels namely Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA), Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and Hat Certified Technician (RHCT).

For populace who are not very familiar with Linux systems, RedHat certifications can immensely help them to impress recruiters looking for expertise in Linux based system administration jibs and a lot of other related vocation. If you deem that only freshers or aspirants, you are wrong as many an employees of reputed companies also enroll themselves in such certification training to enhance their prospects of quick promotions.

These certifications are not only versatile but also enhance your prospects in more ways than one as you can ply an assortment of professional services. The sheer number of establishments proffering apt certification coaching on the World Wide Web will amaze you to great ends. Therefore it is imperative on your part to do a bit of intricate research on the Internet pertaining to the establishment's proven track record before pronouncing any verdict.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Get best summer training in india

Summer Training is very much preferred by Engineering students from all the branches of engineering like CS, IT, Electronics, Telecommunication, Mechanical, civil, Electrical and many more. LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd provides 6 weeks/ 6 months job oriented training to the engineering students along with 100% placement assistance. Summer Internship 2014 in Jaipur is beneficial for the students in a number of ways. It actually helps you to implement the theories that you have learnt in your classroom into real life problems. It is an important part of the curriculum and your attention should not be only towards getting a certificate. You have to focus on practical oriented learning.

Now days there are lakhs engineering graduates passing from the colleges. The quality of technical education in these colleges is a big question mark. Only 15% of the engineering students are employable. There are enough opportunities for the freshers but the primary requirement apart from the basic qualification is how much you are updated with the latest technology, how much aware you are about the industry trends and how much open you are to learn and acquire new skills. It is important that your basic fundamental skills must be strong enough and hence you are always advised to undergo short term 6 weeks and long term 6 months training program.

Various key features of summer training will include the following details.

·         It is an industry-oriented program.

·         Project oriented training program with a strong focus on specialization.

·         Emphasis on hands on programming and practical approach.

·         Various types of monetary discounts are provided to the students.

·         All the experts have rich experience from development domain.

Summer vacations are usually long and it is the best time for the passionate engineering students to experiment, explore and learn new things. So it is up to you whether you like to utilize you summer vacation for a better career in the future or not. Students will be given ample chances to work on software as well as hardware and hence they will be getting an idea about practical oriented training. This training program will help to bridge the gap between the academics and the industry.

Above are the few things that you should look in any institution/company before going there for Summer Training in Jaipur and growing your knowledge in your respective fields, and you must do it, after all you are you are giving your future into their hands and those hands must be professional and technically sound enough with latest know how.

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

PHP Summer Training in Jaipur

If you are looking for PHP Training in jaipur you are here at the best place to build your own IT career. We also discuss you to make a choice between several of courses available with us; the best choices are based on your education and qualification, your interest and most often your unseen skills. We help you encourage your skills and build a success path for your long and innovative career.

Live Summer Training 2014 in Jaipur , Live Project Training is another feather important factor of our institute, due to our strong growth in this industry, we will give also provide you a chance to work on real Live Projects of PHP software or Website development and integration with our experts. This is such an amazing experience for the entire student aspiring for a long term and best career in IT field. So if you are with us, you are connected with us as Software. Come and Join the Revolution for your bright future.

PHP is an innovative and modern web development language that works on windows and linux/Unix servers. Due it understanding and open source nature, PHP has made popular in the world in very short period of time and get success very soon. You can easily create highly economical any kind of internet based custom web applications application, Ecommerce website, Social networking sites with the help of PHP.

PHP training makes you familiar with several database functionalities that use MySQL. With the training of PHP you will be learn how to php support MySQL for the better database connection. With the help of PHP training you will know how to install various PHP versions. You will use UNIX and Linux server, you may require downloading the PHP source code. At the training time you would get to learn about the manual steps of installing web server.

MySQL is used in PHP as a database backend. MySQL is including Relational Database Management system supported by Sun Microsystems. PHP training course is designed for student those know basic Object Oriented concepts (OOP's) and fundamentals of C and C++ and HTML.

Our PHP Training Course Summer Training 2014
Introduction of PHP, MYSQL, HTML
Installation of PHP and MySQL
Creating PHP pages using PHP 5
Declaration Of variables & Naming convention

Programming Concept of PHP
PHP Operators,
¦Else, Switch
PHP Arrays, Looping, Functions
PHP Forms, $_GET, $_POST

Database with MYSQL
 Create the Database in MySql
 Create table in MySql
 Insert the data in Table using MYSQL
Edit table structure in MYSQL
Import and Export the Database in MYSQL
Deleting the data in Table using MYSQL

PHP Forms with MySql

Overview of Forms
Introduction of HTML Controls like Dropdown, Checkbox

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Learn ethical hacking in Jaipur here!

Do you want to make your career in ethical hacking? Are you looking for a good and reliable ethical hacking institute in Jaipur? If your answers are yes then this is the right place you are searching for. With the continued popularity of the internet and internet online businesses, the unauthorized hacking is a very critical problem for most of the public and private organizations. Intercepting data, stealing of sensitive data, Trojan attacks, hacking of debit & email accounts are very common incidents happening these days of information technology. With the risk of these kinds of vulnerabilities most of the I.T firms and public sector companies always look to employ ethical hackers.   
Ethical hacking is a legal hacking which is done confidentially under an organization. Ethical hackers have complete authorization to investigate or probe a secure network to find and fix of network security vulnerabilities. Ethical hacking in Jaipur and in India is in great demand and offers a secure career to get stability in I.T market.
To get better command on hacking, an ethical hacking training is very necessary. Ethical hacking training course in Jaipur is very famous among students. A good ethical hacking institute in Jaipur offers its best training in ethical hacking and has provided various advantages which are as follows;
•    A right and reliable ethical hacking institute emphasizes more on practical concepts rather than theoretical which is very necessary in case of ethical hacking.
•    Ethical hacking institute in Jaipur has ethical hacking expert trainers who are professionals in hacking concepts and I.T security. 
•    Students get a grip on every topic by implementing them on live projects.
•    With the help of ethical hacking course in Jaipur a student gets a professional working environment which is very beneficial in future aspects.
•    With the help of all latest equipments of these training institutes, trainees can easily learn the hacking techniques.   
•    Apart from these facilities students get 100% job assurance and ethical hacking certifications.  
Ethical hacking in Jaipur and in other parts of India is in great demand and most of the engineering and other graduate students are starting their career in these fields. So, if you also want to get stability and a safe future in I.T market like other hacking professionals then pick an ethical hacking institute in Jaipur now!
Linux world India also offers internship for b. tech students and specializes on professional and practical summer training 2014 in Jaipur.
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